Approved by China Education Ministry, Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology was founded in July of 2005 under the joint sponsoring of Beijing University of Technology and Beijing Gengdan Education Development Center. Gengdan Institute is an independent undergraduate institution which operates under a new education mechanism and a mode of private tertiary education in China.

Beijing University of Technology takes the supervision responsibility for academic qualification and teaching resources of Gengdan Institute. Professors and professionals from the University are guest instructors much welcomed by Gengdan students.

The Institute is job-oriented in its education planning. The advantage of metropolis resources and economic development demands provides the bases for academic programs, featured courses and practicum on and off Gengdan campus.

The Institute cultivates students into valuable talents so as to lay the foundation for their future development. The education philosophy of the Institute is presented in its strict student disciplining, scientific managerial expertise and need-based academic specialties, which is resulting in a quality tertiary education institution.




Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology TEL:+86-10-60411788,FAX:+86-10-60411756